Leasing Process

QNet’s fibre leasing process is simple. Legal documents are short and easy to understand, and lease rates are uncomplicated, predictable and in some cases, negotiable. QNet pays for all costs associated with installing a fibre optic connection to a building.


  1. QNet is requested to connect a building to the fibre optic network.
  2. QNet assesses the feasibility of providing the connection depending on the distance from our current network.
  3. If the connection is possible, a service order is prepared.
  4. Once the terms of the service order have been agreed to by QNet and the requesting party, the fibre optic installation is commissioned.

Associated legal documents:

  • Optical Fibre Lease Agreement 
    • Defines the general terms and conditions of leasing fibre from QNet.
    • Once executed, it remains in effect for as long as there are active fibre leases (i.e. Service Orders) in effect.
  • QNet Service Orders 
    • Defines the specific terms of each fibre lease including the location, term, lease rate, payment terms and any other terms specific to a particular lease.
    • There could be any number of Service Orders depending on the number of fibre leases (each Service Order becomes addenda to the Optical Fibre Lease Agreement).
  • QNet Operating Manual 
    • Defines QNet’s operating procedures, including the fibre fulfillment process, testing procedures, service level targets, emergency contact information, co-location facility access procedures, etc.
    • Contains no legal terms specific to any fibre lease and may be updated from time-to-time.
    • QNet customers are advised of any changes in operating procedures.