Existing Buildings

At the request of a building owner or strata council, QNet will install a fibre optic connection to the main telecommunication distribution room for the complex. This provides access for telecom service providers, which then approach the owner or strata council for permission to offer their services to residents, unit owners or tenants.

Please note:

  • QNet works under the direction of the building property manager, owner or strata council representative.
  • QNet pays for all of the costs associated with installing the fibre optic connection.
  • Occupants in QNet-connected buildings do not need to sign up with a QNet service provider and they will always have the option of maintaining their existing service provider(s) for internet, phone and TV services.

Businesses leasing fibre directly from QNet have access to a broad range of telecom service providers – view Leasing Process for details.

Building owners / strata councils interested in connecting an existing building are invited to contact us for more information.

New Developments

To avoid excavating new sidewalks or drilling holes into new buildings, QNet prefers to work with developers of new building complexes at the planning stage.

Working under the direction of the project manager, QNet will provide its design requirements in tandem with the other major telecom companies connecting to the site.

Typically QNet will only need a single telecom duct to be installed from an underground enclosure in the City’s right-of-way into the main telecom room of the development.

Please note:

  • QNet works under the direction of the project manager and/or general contractor for the development.
  • QNet pays for all of the incremental costs associated with the installation of our telecom duct.

To ensure that your new development is connected to QNet, please contact us prior to construction.

Telecom Service Providers

QNet offers telecom companies the opportunity to provide new services to more customers with greater speed and at a lower cost through low fixed-rate leases of carrier-grade fibre optic capacity. Through QNet, telecom companies can reach more than 2,500 Coquitlam businesses and 20,000 homes in residential highrises.

QNet is an ideal partner for fibre-to-the-premises delivery of services, including:

  • Broadband internet access
  • Media and entertainment
  • HDTV
  • Videoconferencing and distance learning
  • Home security/surveillance
  • Telephony
  • E-Business applications
  • Grid computing
  • Energy savings monitoring
  • Telemedicine, and
  • Wireless facilities networking.

QNet’s business model for telecom service providers is simple. We pay all of the capital costs in order to give you access to a superior fibre-to-the-premises network in return for a low monthly lease rate.

What you get for your QNet fibre lease:

  • A dark optical fibre connection to any business building or residential highrise in Coquitlam from a QNet co-location facility.
  • Free rack space and power for your active equipment in our state-of-the-art co-location facilities.
  • Free ringed fibre connection between co-location facilities.
  • Upstream connectivity from numerous regional carriers (download our Telecom Service Providers list for a partial list of upstream carriers)

To learn more about leasing fibre from QNet, read about the Leasing Process or feel free to contact us for more information.