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Novus Entertainment Inc. Launches Ultra-broadband Services for High Density Residential Buildings and Businesses in Coquitlam

by QNet News | Dec 01, 2013

COQUITLAM, BC, December 1, 2013 – Today, Novus Entertainment Inc. announced the delivery of high speed Internet, digital and high definition television services as well as home phone service to select buildings in Coquitlam.

By utilizing the fibre optic network operated by the Coquitlam Optical Network Corporation (QNet), Novus will be able to deliver ultra-broadband Internet access for each high density residential customer. Offering a top speed of 300 megabytes per second, Novus Internet service means instant downloads, smooth streaming and super HD viewing.Increased access to high-speed broadband service, more choice for consumers and new opportunities for non-tax revenue are just a few of the benefits stemming from the QNet, the Coquitlam owned utility launced in 2008. By leveraging its investment and expertise in fibre optic infrastructure, the City of Coquitlam is the first and only city in Canada to open up access to high speed services in its community by leasing unlit fibre optic cables to telecom service providers.

“QNet is all about taking an investment we needed for City services and using the unused capacity to address the growing need for high speed internet access in our community,” says Mayor Richard Stewart. “The rate structure and leasing arrangements are open to all telecom service providers, and our goal is to provide the infrastructure so that they can extend and improve services in Coquitlam. At the same time, we’re generating revenue for the City that is not based on taxes.”

The core fibre optic network throughout Coquitlam was initially installed to support traffic signal coordination, which reduces congestion and allows for improved traffic movement through the community. It was then extended to link City facilities to support the telecommunications requirements. While both of these projects benefit from this fibre optic infrastructure, the City only requires a small portion of the fibre optic cable to support its services.

QNet is taking this unused carrier grade fibre and leasing it to telecom service providers as “dark” or “unlit” fibre to help them extend their footprint in the community, resulting in expanded services and choice for Coquitlam businesses and residents. Initially, QNet fibre connections will be provided to businesses, business malls and high density residential complexes. QNet will install fibre into the premises as part of a contract, as this ensures the costs for extending the fibre are recovered through the leasing arrangement with service providers.

“The surging demand for high quality, high speed bandwidth to support Internet services like HD TV, peer-to-peer networks as well as emerging applications such as virtual classrooms, telemedicine and high definition video conferencing will continue to escalate,” says Peter Steblin, Chairman of the Board for QNet and City Manager for the City of Coquitlam. “Coquitlam has the infrastructure in place, and with QNet fibre leasing, our city is well positioned to support existing and future businesses, drive economic development and meet these escalating demands for bandwidth.”

QNet is a self-sustaining municipal corporation, wholly-owned by the City of Coquitlam, and financed through fibre leasing revenue. For more information visit

Novus has serviced over 300 buildings across downtown Vancouver for over 15 years and also provides home services to buildings in Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey. Highly touted as the fastest residential Internet service in Canada, Novus is also known for its exceptional customer service and great value.

Novus' Internet service has a minimum download and upload speed of 25 and 10 mega bits per second respectively, and up to a maximum download and upload speed of 300 and 15 mega bits per second respectively. The speed of the fibre optic network will not only enable the delivery of traditional Internet, telephone and HD TV services, but it will also provide a foundation for new and emerging applications such as high definition video conferencing and will allow for a greater quality viewing experience for Internet streaming services such as Netflix. For more information on Novus Entertaintment’s Internet services, visit


For more information, contact:
Kathleen Vincent
Manager, Corporate Communications


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