Business Model

Coquitlam became one of the first municipalities in the country to lease out its unused fibre optic capacity in 2008, and remains one of the few examples in Canada to have achieved commercial success.

QNet’s advantages include:

  • Central location within Metro Vancouver,
  • Access to a large population and business base, and
  • Proximity to several long-distance fibre optic networks that terminate at the Internet Exchange in Vancouver (VANIX).

QNet keeps its lease rates competitively low, but high enough to ensure financial sustainability.


  • QNet offers low-cost, long-term fibre leases to:
    • Telecom service providers that provide high-speed services to Coquitlam businesses and customers in residential highrises,
    • Businesses and government agencies who require a direct fibre connection for networking or other purposes, and
    • National or regional upstream providers such as Rogers Mobility and Bell (reducing the impact of telecom installation on City infrastructure).
  • QNet’s state-of-the-art co-location facility leases long-term data centre space to third party entities. This site is now fully leased, other than space reserved for new fibre-lease customers and telecom service providers.
  • QNet connectivity is available to businesses, commercial centres, schools, government agencies and residential highrises throughout the City. At this point, expanding QNet to single-family neighbourhoods is not cost effective in light of Canada’s current telecom regulatory policies.